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ref: GER201634

Project Manager - MotorSport Events

Our client is an important communications company who designs, manufactures (...)

ref: GER201633

Project Procurement Manager

Our client, an important aerospacial company, needs to contract an engineer (...)

ref: MENA201632

General Manager - Structural & Mechanical Division

Our client, one of the leading construction groups in one the Gulf Countries, (...)

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ProsymTech offers a selection service to help you find all type of engineers (spanish or not) that want a new work experience in a foreign country.

Our goal is to send the best engineers to the companies that need them.

Nowadays, some countries have a great number of highly qualified engineers with low possibilities of finding a job that does justice to their preparation, education and technical skills. One of these countries is Spain.

On the other hand, there are several countries that are in a growth phase who aren't capable of training all the engineers that their economy needs. Some of these countries are in Latin America, such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, etc. or other places in the world, like in Middle East or some countries in EU.

Find an engineer in a market with excess supply of them involves having a much wider range of possibilities to choose from and, therefore, able to recruit a very interesting profile with a reasonable salary.

For that reason, our engineers are especially well appreciated by companies in these countries.

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